Fake a Panini Press

Sandwiches are a big part of our lives here.  My husband LOVES sandwiches.  So much that twice a year we have “Sandwich Week.”  One around Father’s Day and one around his birthday.  I find a panini press is another gadget/machine I absolutely do not need.  First of all, I don’t have any more cabinet space for another machine, the necessities fill up more than every inch.  And secondly, it is SO easy to press a sandwich.

  1.  Make your sandwich
  2. Put it in your hot pan
  3. Put a piece of aluminum foil on top of your sandwich (this is just to keep everything clean.
  4. Put another heavy skillet (one that is smaller in diameter than the original pan) on top of your foil.  A cast iron skillet works great here.  Don’t have cast iron, no problem!  Put any pan on top of your sandwich then a teapot filled with water on top of that one. Sometimes I use both just for good measure, but you definitely don’t have to.
  5. Don’t forget to flip your sandwich halfway through. Enjoy!