Cut an Avocado

When I registered for our wedding I was so excited to scan that avocado pitter/slicer thing with the little gun.  I got it as a shower gift and, to my mother’s horror, started using it right away… before we were actually married.   It stunk!  The pit remover either didn’t take out the pit or took out most of the avocado.  The slicer part was a disaster too.  Now I see brides open it at their own showers and I watch their faces light up,  and I have to hold my tongue.

Here are the simple steps to cutting an avocado:

  1. Choose a good, ripe avocado.  The skin will be almost brown and when you give it a gentle squeeze it gives a bit.
  2. Slice the avocado in halfIMG_5569
  3. Carefully but forcefully jab your knife into the pit at an angle. IMG_5571
  4. Carefully pull up and twist the knife to release the pit.IMG_5572
  5. Use a large soup spoon or serving spoon to scoop out the avocado half in one big piece.
  6. Slice, dice or mash away.