Back Again!

Hello Friends!

It has been a while and I’m sorry for that.  Late September through mid October is always a busy time for us but this year has seemed extra busy.  We have lots of celebrations and our anniversary kicks off the festivities.

This year we celebrated our 14th anniversary.  It was on a Wednesday, during quarantine.  We made dinner at home.  Steak, creamed spinach (pg. 70 in your cookbook) and roasted potatoes but with everything bagel seasoning instead of herbs de Provence.

There are about 900 family birthdays the first week of October including my sister and Aunt May.  It was also my girls’ birthday and we had a fabulous tea party with a few special guests that happened to be in town.  The girls got to choose the menu and then I had to narrow it down.  We had egg salad sandwiches (pg. 17 in your cookbook), salmon sandwiches, mini crustless quiches (pg. 22), pumpkin gingerbread muffins, blueberry scones with all the fixings, shortbread cookies, cream puffs and mini cheesecakes.  This year the girls wanted ice cream cakes for their birthday so Maggie Moos to the rescue.

Then we had a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin!  After the fabulous shower we had a cousin night and I can’t tell you how perfect it was.  And so needed!  I spent the night at the Ritz with 5 cousins, including the bride, and it was glorious!

photo credit: skblackford

Then it was husband’s birthday.  Again on a Wednesday, during quarantine.  Of course husband’s birthday = sandwich week and the finale of sandwich week is always the steak sandwich (pg. 55).  And he always wants black cake with ganache for his birthday cake (pg. 128).  Luckily both steak sandwiches and black cake go excellent with red wine.  We had great red wine.

The very next evening was book club.  My turn so I hosted.  I love when it’s my turn.  We read Next Year In Havana.  By “we” I mean me.  No one else read the book.  But I will survive.  At least we had fun and fabulous cubanos (pg. 50) for dinner.  Everyone had their choice of the million desserts we had leftover.  Plus the coconut ice cream I bought because it seems like they eat that a lot in Cuba.  I have no idea if that’s true.

On top of all that I had the school schedule to deal with.  Virtual all week.  Nope, we changed our mind.  All day virtual except Fridays, those will be half-day virtual days… starting in 3 days.  Wait, we are going to go back to school in-person, hooray!  But we need 2 extra days off to prepare for that so you are off next Monday and Tuesday.  Now, you will go back to school in-person Monday thru Thursday and be virtual on Fridays.  Except the first week, we will go to school on Friday the first week.  After that we will be virtual on Fridays.  I honestly don’t know if going forward Fridays are a whole day or a half day, I just know they’re virtual.  I guess I’ll find out next week when it’s happening.

AND, I’m thinking of growing my bangs out.  I can’t decide.

As you can see, a lot has been going on…  I love when I look back and see how many recipes I use from both this blog and my cookbook, all the time.  And this is just highlighting the “occasions.”  It doesn’t even include the day to day even though I can tell you we recently had Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Lasagna (pg. 110), Crepes (pg. 16), Chili (pg. 36), Grilled Cheese Dippers and we have The Big Platter almost once a week.  Tonight we are making Naan Pizzas (but I might make a 2.0).  It makes me happy to know that I truly practice what I preach.  I hope you find everything as useful as I do!

The holidays are fast approaching.  Get Garlic & Olive Oil: Bringing family together with food for everyone on your list.  It really is the perfect gift!  Stock up!  If you live local I am happy to come and sign them for that extra special touch.

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Until next time…

Stay Safe!


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  1. These events look so wonderful! And I need to try those sandwiches you made for your book club – yummmmmmm!

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